What Happened To You?

When you got saved, a lot more happened to you than you think. You'll be surprised.

How Good a Christian are You?

What does the word "Righteousness" mean? What is so important about it? In this compelling yet humourous series, Paul will take you on a road towards freedom by helping you understand the Law and it's purpose, and the affects of having been set free from the Law. And Paul will tell you about a Gift you've been given that will blow your socks off.

An Adventurous Life.

Paul takes you on a journey of excitement this powerful Psalm 46. You will discover that God has created a life of adventure for you, better than a Hollywood movie. Are you living it?

The Trap of Pursuing Happiness.

God's desire for you is NOT to bring you happiness. What God wants for you, and has provided for you, leaves happiness in the dust. It's far greater and far more satisfying.

You Think That Was Good…

In this 3-part series from Romans 5 Paul takes you on a journey from duty, obligation, guilt & performance to uninhibited freedom to be the person God created you to be, and showing you all the amazing riches Jesus has provided for you.

My Death Your Life.

Do you ever ask… How does it work, and what does it look like, to have others seeing Jesus in me? This two-part series will show you the process by which this happens.

What do you smell like?

In this 2-part sermon from 2 Corinthians chap.2, Paul exlains that we all have an aroma we give off to the people in the world around us. What is yours like?

What Are You Thinking about Right now?

Your thoughts are the determiner of your feelings and your behaviour. What are you thinking right now?