The Gift of Being Rescued from Yourself

Do you ever feel like you’re in need of rescuing? Like if you were ever left to yourself, everything in your life might just fall apart? 


In this short video, Paul reveals that there was more accomplished at the Cross than the gift of going to Heaven "one day." Jesus didn't die to only save you from your sins, He died so He could save you every single day.


The first half of Romans 5:10 reads, “For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son,”. (NASB) Now just think on that for a minute, you were God's enemy and in that debauched, sinful state, God did what was necessary to reconcile you back to Himself.  And doing this meant that you were no longer an enemy of God.  You were God's friend. More than that, you became His child! 

Paul then says, “Much more than that…” In other words, he’s saying, “if you think that was good!” He continues, “having been reconciled, we shall be saved through His life!”

Now, what does that mean? What are we saved from? 

Well, it’s not from our sins because that was taken care of before the “much more.” And it’s not from death, that was taken care of in verse 8. What we’ve been saved from is ourselves.

God has saved me from myself. 

I’ve been saved from my bad decisions, my fears, my obsessive thoughts, my ways of coping, my ways of protecting myself, and getting my needs met. I’ve been saved from my destructive habits, temptations, my ways of controlling myself, my ways of trying to control my circumstances. I have been saved from myself. 

The next question, obviously, is, how? And even that answer is provided for us. The verse says that we are saved by His life. 

You see, when Jesus died on the Cross, He didn't just forgive our sins. If that was all He did, we'd each be the same old person who was still trying to make life work, still just doing the best we could, still trying to protect ourselves from all the hurts of life, while still struggling with the same old sins and temptations with no hope to change. 

No, my friend, forgiveness of sins was not the only reason Jesus died on the Cross. 

Jesus died to give us His very Life. 

He put His Life in me and in you. Now you never again have to experience running out of your own resources while trying to live this life. You now have complete access to all the resources of the Lord Jesus Christ because He’s given them all to you. Just imagine that for a minute! When you feel yourself running out of patience with your kids, you can say, “Father, I have all the patience I need in You.” If you’re struggling financially and find yourself in a crisis, you can say, “Father, You own everything and You promised to supply all my needs so I give this need to You and refuse to worry about it.” Thank you, Lord! May you experience His very Life in you today.

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Paul O'Brien